A network of specialized asset managers, worldwide

We take a different approach at John Hancock Investments. We build funds based on investor needs, then go anywhere in the world to find specialized asset managers with proven track records in those investment strategies.

Every fund starts with an idea. Our company’s long history of building asset allocation portfolios helps us to identify potential portfolio vulnerabilities, and therefore investor needs—in many cases before the broader market.
Our team of 175+ manager research and oversight specialists vets more than 300 new investment strategies every year, screening dozens of potential asset managers before launching a single fund. A different approach makes all the difference.

Today, John Hancock Investments’ network consists of 74 proven portfolio teams at 28 elite asset managers worldwide. It’s a lineup of portfolio teams that reflects some of the best and brightest investors in the world. We think it’s a better way to invest. To learn more about our worldwide network of specialized asset managers, visit http://bit.ly/2i62b2Y.

About John Hancock Investments
John Hancock has helped individuals and institutions build and protect wealth since 1862. Today, we are one of the strongest and most-recognized financial brands. We serve investors globally through a unique multimanager approach: We search the world to find proven portfolio teams with specialized expertise for every strategy we offer, then we apply robust investment oversight to ensure they continue to meet our uncompromising standards and serve the best interests of our shareholders. Our approach to asset management has led to a diverse set of investments deeply rooted in investor needs, along with strong risk-adjusted returns across asset classes.

Source: John Hancock Investments
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