Does the ECB Intend to Trigger the EUR/USD's Breakdown? (Quick Take Video)

Talking Points:

• Despite other Dollar-based majors earning bullish breaks, EUR/USD refuses to give way with Euro holding its own multi-year highs
• The ECB rate decision is unlikely to delivery actual policy change, but has been hard to miss the bank's recent concerns
• If the ECB intends to deflate its currency, this may be their best opportunity to trigger a significant bear trend

Retail traders have flipped to a net long EUR/USD position for the first time in months yesterday despite the Greenback winning noteworthy bullish breaks against other major counterparts. Keep an eye on this positioning on an intraday basis using the DailyFX speculative positioning data on the sentiment page. (

Source: DailyFX - Forex & Macro News (via YouTube)

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