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ESG Investing Profile: International Flavors and Fragrances

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International Flavors and Fragrances is a leading innovator that helps everything from food and beverages to fragrances to cosmetics to detergents and household goods taste, smell and feel more pleasing to consumers.

What are the most material ESG factors to IFF’s business?
The key ESG factors for IFF are raw material sourcing for the flavor they create, as well as energy and water used in manufacturing, employee safety.

Since 2010
• IFF has improved worker safety ratings
• Reduced energy intensity by 20%
• Reduced water use intensity by 58%
• Reduced hazardous waste intensity by 18%
• Pioneered industry’s use of first onsite wind turbine for energy
• Rated among “Top 100 Green Companies in US” by Newsweek in 2016

Management set sustainability targets to reduce their use of energy and water and also hazardous waste. They have improved their safety rating and were a pioneer in using the industry’s first onsite wind turbine for energy. The company was recently rated one of the top 100 Green companies in the US.
What kind of competitive advantage does IFF have from focus on ESG issues? Does IFF’s business become more sustainable long-term? How might this impact valuation ?

ESG investing is understanding how companies manage resources and risks.. Its about People, The Planet and Profits.

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