Market Journal – August 25, 2017 (Full Episode)

This week on Market Journal…

Market Analysis – Frayne Olson, North Dakota State Extension economist, describes drought impacts to the north. Frayne also analyzes corn, soybean and wheat prices.

Plant Phenotyping – Geng “Frank” Bai, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Postdoctoral researcher, explains how scientists are using a suspended camera to learn more about crop characteristics.

Pasture Management – Bruce Anderson, Nebraska Extension forage specialist, talks about managing grass growth in pastures and ranges to maximize production.

Corn Diseases – Tamra Jackson-Ziems, Nebraska Extension plant pathologist, gives an update on southern rust, gray leaf spot and bacterial leaf streak.

Soybeans in Drier Areas – Keith Glewen, Nebraska Extension educator, discusses soybean production in west-central Nebraska.

Weather Outlook – Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension agricultural climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.

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